Call for Papers

Computational Complexity

Thirteenth Annual IEEE Conference

June 15--18, 1998

University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY USA

Conference Committee

Eric Allender (chair), Rutgers Univ.
Richard Beigel, Lehigh Univ.
Jin-Yi Cai, Univ. at Buffalo
Anne Condon, U. Wisconsin
Lance Fortnow, U. Chicago
Steven Homer, Boston Univ.
Luc Longpré, U. of Texas at El Paso
Jacobo Torán, U. of Ulm
Avi Wigderson, The Hebrew Univ.

Program Committee

Joan Feigenbaum (chair), AT&T Labs -- Research
Richard Beigel, Lehigh Univ.
Stephen Fenner, U. Southern Maine
Judy Goldsmith, U. Kentucky
Martin Kummer, U. of Chemnitz
Elvira Mayordomo, U. Zaragoza
Moni Naor, Weizman Inst.
Steven Rudich, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Dan Spielman, MIT
Alan Selman, Univ. at Buffalo

Important Dates

Submissions Due: Dec. 5, 1997
Notification: Feb. 16, 1998

Local Arrangements

Ken Regan (

Further Information

The conference seeks original research papers in all areas of complexity theory. Possible topics include:

Structure of complexity classes

Communication complexity

Resource-bounded reducibilities

Theory of relativizations

Interactive proof systems

Complexity and logic

Computational randomness

Kolmogorov complexity

Circuits and other concrete

Cryptographic complexity

computational models

Complexity and learning

Proof complexity

Quantum computation

We encourage electronic submissions to the conference. See next page for details. To submit a paper through regular channels, send ten copies of an extended abstract to the program committee chair:

Joan Feigenbaum,

Phone: 973 360 8442

AT&T Labs -- Research


Room C203

180 Park Avenue

Florham Park, NJ 07932 USA.

A submission must be received by December 5th, 1997 for consideration. The paper should not exceed 10 pages.

Joint submissions to other conferences are not permitted. Authors of accepted papers are expected to present their work at the conference. The program committee will determine time allocations for presentations (between 15 and 45 minutes). Both short papers containing important results and area surveys are welcome. Conference proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society.

The next page has more details.

For More Information

Get more information through the sources listed on the left. You may also contact the publicity chair: Luc Longpré; Computer Science Department, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX 79968, USA; E-mail: